Dahlia Festival - brookervee photography

"Pacific Ocean" dahlia


The Dahlia Festival is my way of talking about the recent flood of work on the Dahlia flowers growing in my garden today.

It started with my purchasing bulbs at Home Depot and planting them in May. I had dreams of huge exotic looking flowers to add to my bouquets of roses, but alas, my green thumb was a bit ambitious. Oh, I also wanted photographs of these exotic flowers to add to my botanical collections. Being new to the Dahlia family of flowers, I did not realize that it takes years of maturity of the tubers/bulbs to begin to grow the dinner plate size flowers. I was schooled really well by the contestants at the Roger's Garden Dahlia Contest. I came away with a more humble perspective on growing the flowers but I was also invigorated by the aspects of the future. 

After hours of searching the website on growing dahlias, I also realized that growing them in Calif. is different than in Ohio or the Pacific Northwest.

I am encouraged and look to the future for beautiful photographs of these interesting flowers. The roses are never far away from my thoughts and will blog more about them also.


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